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Are you struggling to create a career that you love? Do you wonder if you could hold multiple jobs and projects at once? A Portfolio Career is here to answer your questions. David Nebinski talks with people who have designed Portfolio Career that allows for growth, resiliency, and happiness. Tune in to learn how to create a Portfolio Career of your own. Let's have some fun!

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    #53 - Chris Sparks Bonus - The Forcing Function Workbook

    This is the second-part conversation with Chris Sparks. Chris is the CEO of The Forcing Function. In advance of coming book in 2020, Chris has released a workbook that provides to his coaching clients, high-performing executives. This podcast is an audio guide to work through Chapters 6 through 10.

    -Chapter 6: Time -Chapter 7: Attention -Chapter 8: Energy -Chapter 9: Accelerated Learning -Chapter 10: Procrastination

    Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career here with Chris!

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    #52 - Chris Sparks - Enabling Productivity Inflection Points

    This conversation is with Chris Sparks. Chris is a long-time student and professional of understanding high-end performance and success of top performers. Through his work, he aims to share this knowledge for as many people as possible. Chris was formerly a Top 20 online poker player. He has spent over $100,000 in the last 5 years testing productivity tools and apps. His company, The Forcing Function, improves the performance of top New York City founders and executives through coaching. This is the first of a two-part episode with Chris.

    In this episode, you will also learn about: -thinking about your time in terms of a portfolio -bottlenecks affecting your growth and how to move forward from them -trying to design your life around conversations and systems;

    and so much more...Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career with Chris!

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    #51 - Jerome LaMaar - The Style Monk

    This conversation is with Jerome LaMaar. Jerome is known by others as The Style Monk. He is a creator and creative across all industries, sectors, and countries. He started working at Baby Phat when he was 15. He has been on the cover of The New York Times. His own clothing brand and work has been worn by Beyoncé, and he partners with leading brands like Google Pixel and Lyft for his vision, trend setting, and much more.

    In this episode, you will also learn about: 1) collaborating with brands 2) persistence 3) life-long learning 4) how Jerome also uses LinkedIn to build relationships and more!

    Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career with Jerome!

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    #50 - Bonus - David Nebinski On-Mic and Q&A

    This is conversation is with David Nebinski, and four questions from the community. In this episode, David discusses his portfolio career journey and more.

    Highlights include: -how his podcast was incubated and launched in The Podcasting Fellowship -key moments in his professional journey -advice for others entering -some behind the scenes stories from the 48 interviews completed -ideas for the podcast after this episode -how much David thinks about his podcast

    Thank you for listening and your support! Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

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    #49 - Avery Roth - Coaching You To Get To Where You Want To Be

    This conversation is with Avery Roth. After living in 40+ countries and accomplished Wall Street background and a few pivots along the way, Avery is a Career Change Coach. She works with clients in NY and around the world. Avery’s work is more focused on transformation and strategy, in addition resume, LinkedIn, and overall positioning.

    In this episode, you will also learn: -what happens during a career coaching session, -trends in coaching, -the benefits of coaching for both parties, -how you could become a coach; and -how Avery would coach someone living a portfolio career lifestyle

    Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

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    #48 - Ben Bradbury - Designing a Life Around Content That Matters

    This conversation is with Ben Bradbury. You may remember Ben as a guest on the show, episode 7, in August 2018. Since then, Ben moved to London and his portfolio career evolved. He is now focused on sharing ideas that change behavior largely working for himself. He does this through his personal writing and his podcast, Subject Matter. He also does this through his work at a Project 33, a full-stack content marketing company for leaders and executives.

    If you are interested in designing your life around ideas, content, podcasting, story-telling, and LinkedIn, this episode is definitely for you. Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

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    #47 - Stacey Ferreira - Working With And For People You Care About

    This conversation is with Stacey Ferreira. Stacey cofounded her first company, MySocialCloud when she was just 18 with her brother. For which, Stacey got investors like Sir Richard Branson into the company through connecting on Twitter. She is a published author with her friend Jared Kleinert called 2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials Are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing The World. She is currently the CEO of Forge, a future of work startup, and is a global speaker.

    A few highlights you will learn include: -how to find work with your friends, -how to think about your next project, -job hopping in a good way, -future of work; and -the benefits of creation.

    Excited for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

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    #46 - Tristan Thoma - Teaching Himself To Create Opportunities

    This conversation is with Tristan Thoma. Tristan is a blockchain strategist and public speaker. His education and experience was aided by building relationships, reading books, and technology and IT background. Using his prior teaching and coaching background, he decided to launch a blockchain education seminar, which was successful and popular. Tristan started a blockchain strategy company called Impera Strategy to work on projects, while also working with two not-for-profits.

    In this episode, you will also learn about: -playing the long game -international consulting projects -how Tristan's not-for-profit companies have helped his other projects

    So, tune in to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

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    #45 - Darrah Brustein - Life By Design, Not By Default

    This conversation is with Darrah Brustein. In the fall of 2018, Darrah launched "Life by Design, Not by Default" sharing stories with visionaries like Deepak Chopra, Adam Grant and Jen Sincero in a 45 speaker online summit reaching over 7,000 people . For the past 10 years, she founded and scaled two businesses in tandem: a networking events company serving 30,000+ people and a payment processing company spanning 38 states. A prolific writer and interviewer, Darrah's thought leadership articles on lifestyle design have been read by over 1 million people across Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global. Her motivating motto "build a life of your own design, a career to fund it, and a network to support it" has inspired thousands to reach higher and dream bigger. Darrah recently launched the video series “Diving Deep With Deepak & Darrah” to make deep topics relatable and translatable into your life.

    In this episode, you also learn about: -how your community and friends can help you see your blind spots -co-mentoring -reverse engineering your career -journaling to understand what you are seeking

    ... and so much more for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career!

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    #44 - Chelsea Rustrum - Being An Early Adopter Creates Opportunities

    This conversation is with Chelsea Rustrum. Chelsea started a tech company when she was 14. She has always been at the forefront of technology, which creates opportunities and key skills. As a pioneer in the sharing economy, she became the author of, Its A Shareable Life. She is currently a thought leader and global speaker in the blockchain sector and Cofounder a blockchain marketing agency called Blox 7. She is also the cofounder of a new economy retreat and innovation center in Italy called Alchemy Spaces.

    A few other specifics you will learn here: -how to email people and build relationships -how to build a community and network -Chelsea's writing approach and mentality; and
    -how she thinks about designing her life and values

    And so much more for you to build and grow your Portfolio Career.

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